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Rescuing our Past to Save Beaumont’s Future

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission. 

The Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House is an iconic feature for this community from the Spindletop Oil Boom Era, and many people have stories about this house during their growing up years. Many are thrilled to see this historic house saved from the wrecking ball. This house has been neglected and we want to return her to her glory and continue to serve the community . Caroline Gilbert Hinchee was active in her community and we will be following her example, as well as the other families who lived in the house's many years.

The House will be used as a learning tool  for college students, veteran college students and children. There are opportunities for internships in construction, media, and IT, and many others. We would love to work with you to get your hands on training and volunteer hours.

The possibilities are endless for programs, such as restoration, history projects, gardening, outreach, and more. We will host functions, such a meetings, weddings, parties, etc. to become self sufficient. We support Our Veteran's, Our Firefighters and Police Officers, and Children.  Your support is essential to the community and every little bit helps to make this community project a success.  

Thank you in advance for your gracious support of money, time, and sponsoring our cause.

 7 DEC 2018 - Officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c3) Non profit. With an effective date of 01 MAR 2018 

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Brand New ca 1903

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ExxonMobil employees and retirees, through their invested volunteer hours and tax-deductible matched gifts, serve as conduits through which the company returns money to our communities.

Thank you for your Support!!

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The Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House

Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House

2090 Broadway 

Beaumont, Texas 77701

Community Bank of Texas, NA

C/O Elaine Brady

4710 Hwy 105

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Events Calendar for The Gilbert-Hinchee House


Hinchee House Work Day

9am - 5 pm

Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House 1814 Park St. Beaumont Tx

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Hinchee House Work Day

We will be working on the yard, to get ready for the foundation work.  Since the trees have come down, the plant life has gone crazy.  We made a great effort when the roof was removed.  Now we are on the second phase.  The Foundation.  Hope to see everyone there.  Bring chairs to take a break on, gardening tools.  Weed eaters if you have them, shovels clippers etc. Bring gloves, long sleeve shirt, boots or shoes , insect repellent, drinks. All are welcome.

9am - 5 pm

Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House 1814 Park St. Beaumont Tx


Our First Project

Gate at Gilbert Hinchee House weathered with time.

Our First Project is 

The Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House 

Located at 1814 Park St.

Beaumont has a vast history that is disappearing before our eyes. Long gone are the hundreds of sawmills that hummed along the Neches River and the puffing of locomotives as they drew the pine, cypress and fifty other varieties of hard wood products to many parts of the United States or to the wharves to be exported all over the world.

In fact, during the late 1800’s the lumber industry was of such great importance that Beaumont inhabited 10,000 before the discovery of oil at Spindletop. Practically all of Beaumont’s old “money” families can trace their fortunes back to being laborers in the lumber industry. Then many of these adventurous souls invested in land where Texas oil was discovered during the early 1900’s.

They built lavish estates throughout the area. Today, too many are long gone, falling into disrepair and then, demolished. However, a few are still standing and that is our mission....... to rescue these historic homes that exemplify Beaumont’s glorious past so it will not be lost for future generations.


Get Involved


Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We're excited to have you join the team!  

Have an idea about ways you could help please let us know.  

Fundraising,Education Adult and children, Construction, Equipment, Office Work, Yard Work, Yard Work, Painting, Etc.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

We support the community, police, firefighters, children and our veterans with  educational programs. 

 Just imagine a place for Meetings, Parties, Weddings,  or a cup of coffee from a  cafe/gift shop or maybe a band playing on the gazebo.  A place to sit on a rocker on a summer day with the breeze blowing off the river. 

Just Imagine!

Thank You


 Our Volunteers are very important to our project.  We have become a family.  We had a lot of bonding during 2018 with the bi- monthly  work days.  We bonded over the love for the house and the excitement of watching her become a centerpiece of the community.

Some of our volunteers have helped clear out a Lot of bamboo,  and other plants to make room to work on the house.   There were a lot of hot days, but we would sit on the porch and kick over ideas.  And lets not forget the donated lunches  of pizza.  Much appreciated.

This year is a year of planning and fundraisers, and those working on these projects, have given a lot of time to networking with those who's knowledge is helping us grow and get things done.  We have been working on grants  also, so thank you who have worked tirelessly to help.  

We have also had an office donated to us from some wonderful people who have bent over backwards to help us.  At a later time we would like to acknowledge all of our supporters  by name.  Some of our supporters have banners on the Hinchee House and we would love to see a  wall of banners.

Thank you!!

As of this posting the Facebook page has raised $3000.00

 I am amazed at our supporters.  THANK YOU!,

Hinchee House Restoration & Maintenance Project


Facebook -  for questions and discussion about our project.


Liability Waver

We really appreciate everyone's help, but need all persons that visit property to complete the attached Liability Waiver. It is a legal document. It protects all of us. Before stepping onto the property, either inside or outside, please complete, sign and scan to Much appreciation,  BOD

**New Rules - (per insurance company) - The Restoration has Started - It is dangerous, Stay Outside the fence/wall. We love folks to take pictures, but while the heavy equipment is working (next 30 days), we have to stay out of the way. We have signs posted, and can't afford for anyone to get hurt.

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