Silent Auction Information

 Online Silent Auction   
  We are extending the Silent Auction we had on November 16, 2019 all proceeds will benefit the Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House Project  
  Each week we will focus on 1 piece of art. Auction begins Monday, December 2, 2019. The art showcased  will be posted on Monday and bids will be on the group page on Facebook.  The Auction will end at 8 pm on the following Friday.  Pieces may be picked up and paid for at the Office at 2090 Broadway in the Carriage House behind the Law office, no later than 1 week after the Auction ends.  Please contact Rebecca Bowden to set up the pick up of your winning Art Piece.  Thank you for your Support.

Silent Auction Benefiting The Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House



Dr. Steven P. Lewis

Bid starts at $50.00


An Artistic  Rendition of the Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House set in a beautiful black 14x11 Frame 

This  auction is now closed: Winning Bid 200.00

Week 2 Dec. 9 th to Dec 13th 2019


Tanya M. Corkern

Flavescent Frilly Flower

Acrylic on a 20 x 16 Canvas

Bidding begins at $50.00

Good Luck !!

This is the time for giving and we can help

the Artists as well as the Hinchee House which

will be helping many in the future.  Your donations are

tax deductible as we a 501 (c3) Non-Profit.


Week 2 Dec.16th to Dec 22th 2019



Mr. Richards

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Bidding begins at $100.00

This work of Art came from an artist in New York.  We were very blessed to have him send a piece of his work, to help the Artists of Southeast Texas and The Caroline Gilbert Hinchee House.  

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